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Stoudt's Brewfest in Adamstown, PA!

Featuring a variety of mid-Atlantic and Northeast brews.  It is highly recommended!!  Very good beer, great German food, the Daisy Jug Band, and a lot of fun!  We've attended every year since 1995.

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The Brickskeller Tasting - November 9, 1999 - California Hop Harvest Beer Show and Tasting.
Hosted by Tom Dalldorf, owner of the Celebrator Beer News, this was an evening of heavenly, and heavily, hopped beer.  Six of us attended and enjoyed some of the best beers we've ever joking, and we've really put down some quality beer in our time.  If you like hops, this was hop heavon.  Hop Harvest beers are produced in very limited quantities and are made from the first hops harvested in the season.  In some cases the hops are picked on one day, driven down to California during the night, and are added next day by the waiting brewer.  These beers where just incredible...the hop aroma and taste were fresh and strong.  These first beers included Hales's Ales Harvest Ale (Seattle, WA), Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale (Chico, CA), and Russian River Harvest Ale (Guerneville, CA).  The next beers we had were also outstanding Gold and Silver medal winners, but nothing compared to those first few!  To finish off the night we drank from an open keg of SN Celebration Ale.



The Brickskeller Tastings - March 17, 1999 - Scottish Beer Tasting and Festival with Bruce Williams of Heather Ales
Jerry, Dustan, and Dean enjoyed a fine evening at one of Brickskeller's Tasting events, hosted by Bob Tupper.  First we saw a video where they demonstrated how they collect the heather flowers for brewing.  Ales containing heather go back 4000 years in Scotland and way pre-date the use of hops (hops didn't start becoming popular in beer until the 18th century).  Before hops they also used several other additives in ales.  Then brewer Bruce Williams hosted the rest of the evening as we tasted authentic re-creations of ancient ale recipes containing heather (Froach Heather Ale), gooseberries (Grozet), elderberries, spruce and pine (Alba Scotts Pine Ale), and a variety of other, mostly strong (SkullSplitter) ales from Heather Ales and other scottish micro breweries.  These beers where very, very different, but well made and good.  We also enjoyed some fine live scottish folk music and a sampling of scottish fare.  My favorite beer was Dark Island by Orkney brewery, a fine, chocolatey dark ale, but Dustan and Jerry really liked Froach and the others.



The GBBF, London, August 4-8, 1998.

Attended by Jerry, Dustan, and Paul.

The 1997 GBBF drew more than 42,000 beer lovers to sample more than 300 beers. They consumed more than 35,000 gallons of beer during the five days of beer judging, live jazz, rock and comedy performances along with sumptuous food. The minimum serving of beer is 10 ounces, so if you want to savor the flavor instead of slamming suds, take a few friends to split the beer.

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The GABF "on-the-road" in Baltimore, May 15-16, 1998.

Several of us SMASH'ers attended.  It was okay...kind of institutional, no live music or good beer food, lots of brews (some damn good), but most of the folks from the brewerys didn't make the trip (the beer was poured by volunteers), and they only gave us 1 ounce at a time to drink!
Over 125 breweries, including invited breweries from the region, are expected to present more than 400 beers to a crowd of more than 10,000 during this two-day salute to American brewing.



Oktoberfest, Munich, Sep-Oct 1997.

The famous and original.  Attended by our esteemed Brew Meister and his sister Anne.

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The Ram's Head Tavern

In Annapolis, featuring Fordham Beer.  About twenty of us homebrewers (otherwise known as "hostile tourists" in the microbrew industry) arranged for a brewclub brewery tour to see how they make their good beer and afterwards feasted on great food and more beer.




The BURP annual homebrew campout.  It is really great!  Out in a field in Western Maryland, from Friday night to Sunday morning, homebrew clubs from the region converge to share beer.  There's a potluck and band on Saturday night and merriment for all!  Keg row is not to be missed!  We attended in '96, '97, and '99.

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