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SMASH is the Southern Maryland ASsociation of Homebrewers.

We are a small collection of homebrewers from the tri-county area (Charles, St. Marys, Calvert).

This page is for us to share with each other...and whoever else might be visiting...our opinions, tastes, results, recipes, etc.  We'll be posting our tasting results, hardware reviews, recipe reviews and other stuff like that.

This club started because we all work at the same company and have a common interest.  We hold our meetings there and so unfortunately it is very difficult for us to expand with new members.  In addition, we live over an hour from the civilized world so also don't have the opportunity to mix and learn from other clubs...but we still try and show our faces at the big events! (see the events page)

However if you're thinking of starting a club, or thinking of starting to homebrew, any one of us would be more that happy to get you started!!  Just e-mail one of us!


SMASH was founded in 1991.  Our current officers are:

Jerry Elder - Self appointed Brew Meister and President.
Dean Mitchell - Vice President/Secretary.
Paul Willoughby - Treasurer.



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